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TidyCal Lifetime Deal 2024-Scheduling Tool


TidyCal is a notable scheduling solution for individuals and organizations alike. TidyCal’s elegant structure and robust features make it a top choice for organizing appointments, meetings, and events. In this review, we’ll look at some of TidyCal’s important features. 

Get  Tidycal Lifetime Deal

Best for

  • Marketing agencies
  • Product managers
  • Sales managers

Alternative to

  • Calendly
  • Doodle

Key features of TidyCal:

Tidycal appsumo lifetime deal
Tidycal appsumo lifetime deal
  • Smart Scheduling:
      • Easily schedule one-on-one or group sessions.
      • Sync your existing calendar to check your availability. 
  • Customizable Booking Pages:
      • Make sure the timetable page is consistent with the identity of your company. 
      • Add custom fields to gather specific information.
  • Automatic Time Zone Detection:
      • Automatic time zone modifications can help prevent problems with time management.
      • It is excellent for scheduling across many areas or nations. 
  • Integrations:
      • It integrates with Google Calendar and Zoom for easy scheduling.
      • Integrates with common tools to increase functionality. 
  • Multiple booking types:
      • Provide various types of appointments (such as services and classes).
      • Determine the durations, buffers, and restrictions for each booking type. 
  • Customizable Notifications:
      • Send out automatic reminders to clients and team members.
      • Set up email and SMS notifications for upcoming appointments.
  • Calendar Syncing:
      • It syncs with your personal and work calendars in real-time.
      • Avoid double bookings and keep all schedules up-to-date.
  • Embeddable Widgets:
      • Integrate booking widgets into your website or social media.
      • Allows clients to schedule appointments directly from your website. 
  • Payment Integration:
      • Accept payments for bookings through Stripe or PayPal.
      • Securely process payments for services or appointments.
  • Client Management:
      • Keep information about customers secure in one place.
      • Keep notes and appointment histories to improve customer service. 
  • Team Availability:
      • View team members’ availability for easy collaboration.
      • Assign appointments to specific team members.
  • Reporting and Analytics:
      • Track bookings, cancellations, and revenue.
      • Gain insights into your busiest times and popular services.
  • Mobile App:
    • The mobile app allows you to access your schedule on the go.
    • Manage your appointments and check availability from anywhere. 

These characteristics make TidyCal an adjustable and robust scheduling tool for businesses and people wishing to improve their appointment management procedures. 

TidyCal Lifetime Deal: Appsumo 

Tidycal appsumo Lifetime deal
Tidycal Appsumo Lifetime deal

As of my last update in January 2022, I don’t have real-time

formation on specific deals or offerings on platforms like AppSumo. However, I can provide some general information about TidyCal and how lifetime deals on AppSumo typically work.


TidyCal is a scheduling and appointment booking software designed to simplify the process of scheduling meetings, appointments, and events. It offers features such as:

  • Calendar integrations (Google Calendar, iCloud, Outlook)
  • Customizable booking pages
  • Group events
  • Automatic time zone detection
  • Customizable notifications
  • Integration with video conferencing tools 
  • Lifetime access to TidyCal
  • Free & paid meetings

Remember that the availability of permanent bargains might fluctuate, and what is offered now may not be present tomorrow. If you locate an offer that piques your attention, carefully review the terms and features before making a purchase. 

It’s also an excellent idea to visit the official TidyCal website and compare the AppSumo deal’s features and cost to their usual pricing and offerings.

For the most up-to-date and accurate information, always browse the AppSumo website or contact their support team directly. 

Summary about tidycal

TidyCal is a user-friendly scheduling tool designed to simplify the process of organizing and managing appointments. With its clean and intuitive interface, users can easily create, share, and sync schedules across various platforms. TidyCal streamlines scheduling by allowing clients to book appointments based on real-time availability. 

reducing the back-and-forth communication typically associated with arranging meetings. Its seamless integration with popular calendar apps ensures that users stay organized and efficient, making TidyCal a valuable asset for individuals and businesses alike.

FAQs about TidyCal:

What is TidyCal?

TidyCal is a simple booking tool that helps you organize and manage your appointments. 

How does TidyCal work?

TidyCal lets users create, share, and sync schedules across multiple platforms. Clients can arrange appointments based on their real-time availability, which reduces back-and-forth communication. 

Is TidyCal easy to use?

Yes, TidyCal features a clean and intuitive interface, making it easy for users to navigate and utilize its scheduling features.

Can I integrate TidyCal with other calendar apps?

Yes, TidyCal seamlessly integrates with popular calendar apps, ensuring that your schedules stay synchronized and organized.

Is TidyCal suitable for businesses?

TidyCal is a valuable asset for businesses as it streamlines scheduling, improves efficiency, and enhances client communication.

How can I get started with TidyCal?

To get started with TidyCal, simply create an account on their website, and you’ll be able to easily manage your appointments.

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